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Our b&b and our apartments are situated in the village of Stroppo (province of Cuneo), in the heart of the Maira valley, one of the most beautiful Occitan alpine valleys. The area is, still uncontaminated and wild and it offers many opportunities for leisure and relax in a beautiful and unique environment, for a complete experience.


Rota d'Amont b&b 

CIR 004224-BEB-00002 Contà 33 - 12020 Stroppo (CN)


CIR: 004224-CIM-00008 Morinesio 73 - 12020 Stroppo (CN)


Mobile: +39.3285670073 - 


By Manuela Dutto -  tax code DTTMNL79T65D205H  VAT number 03943590046


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The b&b

Our Bed and Breakfast is situated in Contà, a very small  hamlet, just on the road to Elva and Sampeyre Pass. 

The house  is surrounded by green woods and nature. We offer 3 double bedrooms with private bathroom, a large breakfast room and a beautiful garden.


Our two independent apartments are located at Casa Vacanze Nebin in the hamlet of Morinesio, about 4 km from the b&b. Morinesio is the largest hamlet of Stroppo and has been recently  consciously renovated.

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